My best friend just came to spend a week with me for the first time since I’ve moved back to Portugal. Her first time too in this country, the Portugal she heard me talked over and over for years… So needless to say that I was overjoyed by her visit ! We also had 3 … Continue reading EMBRACING LIFE

Moon Wisdom

  We are welcoming today the first Full Moon of 2017, the Wolf Moon. Since 2 days ago, I am strongly feeling this Full Moon in a very challenging way. While still in my winter of Love, I am also entering my year of Trust and this Wolf Moon is  testing me on Love and Trust … Continue reading Moon Wisdom

Calling for TRUST

    Last November, one of my best friend and shaman, Gonzalo W. Bénard, dedicated me the following “Because Life is responding to you ” in his latest book, MPower the Shaman A disquiet shift of consciousness . This resonated so deeply within me. That sentence was in fact an extract from the beginning of the book … Continue reading Calling for TRUST

My Year Of Love

    Last January I was calling for Love. I remember reading a post from Ashley Neese where she was explaining how transformative it had been for her to choose a word to focus on. Somehow it clicked with me. I guess I was ready. So I called for Love. I knew that I had … Continue reading My Year Of Love

Summer Of Love

At the beginning of  the year, I was calling for Love. Love in all forms. I started to let love be part of my every day life, putting Love in my work, cooking, cleaning… letting the power of Love to embellish my life. But to be honest, what deeply inside I was calling for, was  the … Continue reading Summer Of Love